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The Place At The End Of The Earth

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One night as I was lying in bed, I saw the place at the end of the earth.  It was a hill, blanketed in virgin snow, at twilight.  At the edge of my vision, the branches of a pine tree hung calmly, lending their aroma to the cool, comfortable air.  On top of the hill was a log cabin with a chimney from which wisps of smoke drifted out into the purple-grey sky.

Beyond the hill was a slope that tapered off into the vast chasm of eternity.  Yet I was not afraid, because I knew that no one could ever fall into it against their will.

Inside the log cabin was a crackling fire and a cozy hearth, covered in a soft, round, red carpet.  And on that carpet, there I was, a child of four years old.  I had no expression on my face for I was in complete security, without fears, wrapped in the assurance that I was cared for and could never be hurt.

A force, not unlike the love of my parents, but stronger, coming from an ultimate life source, permeated my presence, granting me perfect serenity.

I felt all the blurry beauty of nostalgia, but it was real.

Evan Bailyn is a serial entrepreneur, search engine and social media expert, celebrated author and child advocate. His company, First Page Sage, is a leader in search engine optimization and social media marketing - vastly increasing business for its clients through high SEO rankings, targeted Facebook advertising and viral videos. Evan is also the founder of the Evan Bailyn Foundation, a foundation dedicated to teaching emotional awareness to children and adults. 

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