Early Writings of Evan Bailyn


Defining What Is Right

Using Time To Our Advantage

The False Allure Of Financial Goals

How Can I Improve My Relationships?

Thoughts On Childhood

What Should I Be When I Grow Up?

Is It Really Necessary To Grow Up?

When Does A Child Become An Adult?

My Definition Of Childhood

Why Is Childhood Important?

Thoughts On Life

The Problem With Having Too Many Responsibilities

Living Life Consciously

Narcissism And Peter Pan Syndrome

Blocking Out The World

Connecting With Your Fantasy World

Does Fate Exist?

What Is The Meaning Of Life?

The Paradox Of Writing

The Ability To Concentrate

Peter Pan Syndromers As Overachievers

The Feeling Of Specialness

The Value Of Active Thinking

Coping With A Fear Of Death

Returning To Who We Are

Our Quest For Security

What’s Wrong With Being “Just Fine”?

What Is Art?

My Ideal School

What Is Time?

What Is Peter Pan Syndrome?

Living In Your Own World

Ridding Your Life Of Negative People

Dreams And Your Inner Child

How Important Is Physical Beauty?

Thoughts On Love

Individuality and Love

The Wonder Of Crushes

Does True Love Really Exist?

Timeline Of Sexuality

Understanding Marriage

How Has Romance Changed Since We Were Eleven Years Old?

Vulnerability In Love

Random Musings

Fantasy Art


The Place At The End Of The Earth

What If We Had More Senses?

Being In A Small, Cozy Niche

Wondering What I Would Do If I Had Three Wishes

Slowly Sinking To The Bottom Of A Swimming Pool

Having A Really, Really Good Dream

Closely Inspecting Crystals Of Sand On The Beach

Staring Up At Something That’s Really High

Rubbing My Feet Together In Bed

Buying Fritos From A Vending Machine


Looking At Colorful, Glittery Objects